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Uniworld Professional Training Academy

Promoting the Excellence of Human Capital Development and Due Diligence in Business Organizations Worldwide 


Benefits of our Training\ Seminars relating to fraud & Corruption

  • Creating fraud awareness throughout the organization by conducting in house employee seminars, advising on fraud detection and prevention

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of compliance rules and regulations related to policies and procedures that identify or prevent fraud.

  • Helps to discover and investigate suspicious activities, related to employees, contractors, agents, and others.

  • Minimize losses caused by fraud by acquiring skills

  • Assist in building supports for fact finding that enhance employers legal proceedings relating to fraud, deception,  among agents, employees and others.

  • Engaging in internal control, evaluating existing policies and making appropriate recommendation for management while emphasizing the weakness and strengths in the detection and prevention of fraud control.

  • Helping organizations to conduct research and respond proactively to trend of fraud that affects management or corporate organization.

  • Provide opportunity to  meet with others professional and share new ideas worldwide


Why businesses fail in the pinnacle of success?

From our years of experience and research, it is observed that most successful businesses or organizations fail at the height of their success as a result of these reasons:

  • Mismanagement

  • White collar fraud

  • Breach of trust


Our main objective is to support heads of organizations to identify their problems where the questions of who, what, where, when, how. These questions will be precisely answered. We are able to deliver an outstanding level of services to our clients with our investigative and security expertise, resources, and professional associates which also include:

  • Trained and experienced employees

  • Able leadership

  • Commitment to integrity and professionalism

  • Confidentiality of client information and findings

  • No breach of trust


In the recent times, corporate corruption scandals are very alerting including those in leadership role in organizations which have imposed hardship on organizations and individuals globally. Our goal is to bring renovations that could help to combat these complex and delicate issues in business organizations.  Our techniques are designed to implement standardized systems.  We work with the stakeholders of the organization to improve ways of preventing, protecting, detecting white collar crime, and enforcing standardized policies.


The overall goal is to provide increase in awareness by organizing symposiums relating to enforcement of compliance rules, codes of conduct, investigation techniques, and security issues in business, and management.  Our mission is to provide highly qualified services that respond to the trend of deliberate misappropriations in business practices at various levels. Seeing the current events, the issues of white collar crime cannot be ignored in any organization. The reason is that most white collar crimes are mostly committed by professionals, and persons of highly respectable designation which has unconstructively affected most organizational trustworthiness.


Anti-fraud  & Anti Corruption Initiatives and Programs

Uniworld Professional Training Academy specializes in offering broad range of seminars and trainings that are calculated to foster evidence based orientation to forester ethical oriented workforce by developing antifraud and anticorruption enabling working environment.  Our customize trainings are all-inclusive  anti-corruption initiatives, and programs that help to revolutionize institutionalized behavioral patterns, which aspired to promote ethical oriented organizational culture that identifies with the core values of professionalism, transparency, and accountability.
As well, our training portfolios are cautiously prepared to tackle the unethical business practices among appointed agents or employees depending on the prevailing conditions of each organization or agency.

Each point of view is also relevant to the aspects of training in relative to the technical tools, systematic technique of prevention and detention of fraud, or unethical practices, occupational fraud and abuse, internal investigations techniques, legal element of fraud, law, and crime. This is equally important in offering techniques of analyzing case-by-case approach of fraud or unethical practices, and addressing vital theoretical considerations from ethical management perspective.  

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